You gave us a shitty How I Met Your Mother’s finale, now have the decency to stick to your guns

Back in March 31st the beloved sitcom How I met you mother wrapped up its ninth and final season. While the whole season made me mad with the lack of good jokes, excess of cheap sentimentality (the red balloon episode was the worst) and a bunch of episodes which sole purpose was to stall the viewers, I had high hopes for the finale. Everyone did. And most people, myself included, were deeply disappointed.

Back then the show runners revealed that they had planned the finale early on, while filming the first season, or the second or so. The actors who played Ted’s children were growing up fast, so the producers recorded their reactions to the big final revelation and locked the can safely under the label “must use under any circumstance”. Because, you know, to exclude a scene from the final product in the editing room is a crime in this industry. Anyway, the series ended up lasting longer than they expected, which created several twists and turns and character developments that simply got completely overlooked in the finale. At least they didn’t waste precious footage from nine years ago, amIright?

When the show runners where bombarded by negative feedback of the fans after the finale, they were brave enough to stand up by their choices and say that they loved how they chose to end the series. A little bit later, though, a talk about they having had “doubts in the editing room” began to appear, and soon a special alternate ending was announced to be featured in the season’s DVD box set.

The box set was released a few days ago, and the alternate ending leaked online. All I saw of it was some descriptions in websites, especially on buzzfeed (the video was disabled by Fox by the time I got there). I don’t want to talk about how lazy it is to make an alternate ending with no new footage and an editing that most fans had already done themselves in their windows movie makers to post on youtube. I want to talk about how coward it is to put on the hands of your fans the fate of your creation.

HIMYM show runners, I respected you more when you stood by your choice. I was pissed at you, but I respected your bravery. To give in to a bunch of whining fans (myself included) because they might not like you anymore is below you, and frankly, insulting to us. I know, or at least I want to believe, that you care more about your creation than to just throw it at the fans as if your saying “do what you want with it, choose your own ending if you’re so mad, whatever”.

If some high studio executive made you do it, I’m truly sorry for you. I’m truly sorry that your creative choices were taken from you like that.

I’m not unfamiliar to alternate endings, I know they have been used before, I just think they belong to home editors and fanfiction writers, and that no author should be forced to do it to their creation unless they truly regretted their previous choices, and not because of fan’s (or anyone else’s) pressure, which does not seem to be the case here.

I was sad by how HIMYM ended, and now I’m even more sad by how this crowd pleasing lazy alternate ending came to be. It was better if it didn’t existed.

P.S.: The origin of the mysterious pineapple was also revealed, and it’s as lazy and uncreative as can be. Check here.



  1. Actually, I never liked Tracy. I found her annoying and unrelateable. I thought that a mature sort of love that had withstood a number of twists and set-backs was more interesting than a fairy tale story book ending.

    1. I’m not against Ted ending up with Robin, I’m just against how they did it. There was nothing in the series that actually built up to it, or if there was, it happened three or four seasons before. Too long ago for us to remember. (I saw it while re-watching some of the old episodes).

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